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By Jorge Aldeano

This is a follow up from an article in our last newsletter talking about the development on the Caribbean. Here we focus on projects in and near Colon and show on a map where they all are. There seems to be a lot happening there these days. Although it has traditionally taken a back seat to major development projects both public and private, things are changing.

By APT staff

Cocoa consumption is increasing annually while global production is in decline. Current global production markets are split in three sector; Africa, Americas and Asia/Oceanic. The Asian/Oceanic production, which currently makes up 11% of the global market, has been greatly compromised by increased pest, disease and climate change. These factors led to poor yields and conversion from Cocoa to other crops by farmers since 2010. Since that time their average production is down 10% while consumption is up 6%.

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ÓSCAR CASTAÑO LLORENTE republished from La Prensa Panama

An unruly panama tree is located in the Centre of the roundabout at a main street. The stretch of its trunk thick, with its solemn leaves reveals a tree several centuries old. To be alone during the nights and the days on a plain divided by rivers and guarded always by a hill shielded of mangroves. Bobcats can be heard in the distance.

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By Greg Alexander

This is a follow up from our last newsletter article about retail construction in Panama Oeste with more detail and locations. Construction of both large and small shopping malls continues to move forward in Panama Oeste. All the retail construction is meeting the demand created by the huge amount of residential construction that has happened in the last few years and continues today.

The following article is republished from the AG Web Farm Journal and, although a little dated, has good information on the economic benefits of the recently opened third set of locks for the Panama Canal. The new locks give Panama an economic shot in the arm with additional revenue to invest in roads and bridges to provide access to prime beach front and ocean view land for development on the Caribbean coast.

Reprinted from AG Web Journal

May 25, 2016 06:55 AM

A century after transforming global markets, the Panama Canal is about to redraw world trade once again. Nine years of construction work, at a cost of more than $5 billion, have equipped the canal with a third set of locks and deeper navigation channels, crucial improvements that will double the isthmus’s capacity for carrying cargo between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

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