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Roberto Arauz, Partner

Roberto is a lawyer practicing in the field of administrative law. He graduated from the Panama Canal College (ESL English as a second language) with a degree in law and political science. (Universidad Santa María La Antigua) (2004-2009) Bachelor of international relations (University of panama) (1997-2002)

Roberto specializes in the area of land law, land titling, and acquisition of easements through administrative concession to the State. He is currently president and 100% shareholder of the Atlantic Land Investment Company founded in 2007 and dedicated to the acquisition and investment of land on the Caribbean coast of Panama. Roberto is also associated with Panama Properties & VIP Services, a Panama real estate company.

In addition, he is a 50% partner in Costa Abajo Property Management Company. The company manages and maintains properties acquired by prestigious American investors in the area of Costa Abajo on the Panama Caribbean cost with a portfolio of more than 15 fincas.

He is also an external consultant of the company Minera Panama, S.A. in the area of land acquisition, and was in-house counsel of the Petaquilla Gold and Petaquilla Copper companies in the years 2005-2006. His role was to acquire right-of-way for the project by the affected areas and land acquisition for the highway and marine project in the coast down colon development tourist and industrial companies.

Other duties include being an attorney consultant for companies such as Grupo Los Pueblos with projects such as Playa Dorada in Vacamonte and Playa Caracol in Punta Chame.

Carlos Alvarez, Partner

Carlos Alvarez is a licensed Panamanian real estate broker specializing in land acquisition and development. Carlos earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and marketing and master of science and industrial engineering with a major in logistics at the University of Louisville in 2002.

From 1998 to 1999 he was a journalist for La Estrella de Panama Newspaper. In 1999 Carlos was creative director at Top One Publicdad where he managed ad campaigns including television and other medias. Following this, Carlos was sales manager at BIG IMAGE selling alternative media and training other sales agents from 2000 to 2001. From 2005 to 2006 he was a real estate sale broker for Empresas Bern. In 2007, Carlos founded Panama Properties & VIP Services S.A. Company and is currently company president.

He is also a partner in Grupo Fibra Verde S.A., a thermal and acoustical insulation Company founded in 2013. In addition, he is a 50% partner in Costa Abajo Property Management Company. The company manages and maintains properties acquired by prestigious American investors in the area of Costa Abajo on the Panama Caribbean coast with a portfolio of more than 15 fincas. Carlos is also a founding partner in Asesores Panamenos de Tierras S.A., a real estate brokerage Company specializing in land for building, development, and investment.

Greg Alexander, Partner

Greg’s background is in business, finance, and contracting dating back to 1984. He comes from a farming and ranching family in Texas and earned degrees from Texas Universities in chemistry, mathematics, finance, business, and accounting. Following this, he started and ran an oilfield business for many years distributing lubricants and fuels to commercial and industrial accounts throughout the state. Greg became interested in Panama in 2005, purchased land in the country, and has worked primarily in real estate focusing on land sales. He subsequently sold his oil company in order to focus on land sales in Panama full time. Greg not only brings a wealth of knowledge with him in business, real estate and land, his “boots on the ground” experience in Panama is invaluable.


Mike Castillo, Associate

Mike Castillo is a professional seaplane pilot who now calls Panama his home. He joined Asesores Panameños de Tierras S.A. in 2015 and provides air transportation for company associates and select clients as well as assisting in the promotion and sales of the company’s premier ocean front properties. From 1988 to present he has over 27 years of experience in bush and water flying and over 6,900 flight hours. He holds Airline Transport Pilot License (ATP) with Type Ratings in both 40’s era PBY Catalina, 50’s- 60’s era Grumman HU-16 Albatross and has flown these large multi-engine flying boats on 3 continents. He is also licensed in single engine amphibious float planes like the highly maneuverable six seat Cessna A185F we are using here in The Republic of Panama.

His notable flying accomplishments include intercontinental flights between South and North America and South Africa to California. He has extended over water experience having piloted seaplanes across the Atlantic from West Africa to Brazil and Pacific Ocean between California and the Hawaiian Islands 4 times. Mike also holds A&P mechanics rating with Inspection Authorization (IA). ATP and IA are the two highest license ratings the FAA issues in their respective disciplines.

Mike remains owner of Pilot Training Corporation in California, 1999 to present and is part owner of Baja Solo Sports in Baja California, Mexico, 2005 to present. Solo Sports operates an all fly-in adventure holiday wind surfing, kite surfing and mountain biking lodge at Punta San Carlos 200 miles south of San Diego. From 1981 to 1985 Mike owned Castillo Concrete Coring and Sawing specializing in core drilling and horizontal boring. And before that with another family business, Castillo Construction General Contractors. From 1983 to 2005 his family owned and operated Innovation Sports Incorporated, manufacturing state of the art carbon fiber- titanium knee supports primarily used by professional and Olympic athletes. His work there was in product design and manufacturing systems design. He has seven United States patents to his credit.

Mike is a super hands on guy that can build it, crate it, ship it- reassemble it and fly it away when it gets there.


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